You Know the Drill: Today’s Sandwich Schedule

Just an average Sunday schedule for the Sandwich Generation — you’ve had these too.  It looks like this:

8:45 – 10am: watch some Olympics with the kids, but mostly make sure that they are prepped for today’s swim meet and have done their Hebrew School homework.  Also had to jam in a few work emails.

10:30am-11am: review Hebrew School homework, figure out what on earth they are going to have for lunch, and negotiate over who is driving them where and when

11:30am (ish) – 2:30pm (ish): go over to my father’s apartment.  We were supposed to watch a movie, have lunch and go through photo albums.  My main agenda item is to see what I need to need to do now that his C-Diff infection clearly is back.  This leaves a mess (enough said there).  So, although he tells me that it’s not too bad and the apartment-facing camera appears to confirm that, I definitely have to check, especially the bed.  Luckliy I have spare sets of everything now (not the case when he first moved up here).  Which reminds me that we’ll need to get antiobiotics into him before I head away on vacation next Friday, preferably by Wednesday so that I can leave knowing that they worked well enough to regain control.  Also that reminds me that his other prescriptions need to be refilled.  And that we will need to make an appointment at Mass General to get the fecal transplant procedure set up.

2:30pm (ish) – 6:30pm (ish): Kids’ swim meet.

After 6:30pm: home.  Need to figure out dinner, as well as lunch setup for the week.

At least it’s a day where I can sort of plan ahead.  Glass half full.


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2 responses to “You Know the Drill: Today’s Sandwich Schedule”

  1. cathysikorski says :

    Caregivers become like alcoholics……one day at a time! Go on that vaca and enjoy it….they always seem to short.

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