Sandwich Generation: the symptom is the cure

Here is a screen shot my father took from a Skype session I had with him last night.


Sophie and Daddy use the magic Skype machine

You can see my daughter Sophie in the shot – she was talking to him (this was about an hour after my last post about his C-Diff returning and feeling a distinct sense of whatever the opposite of the relief is).   You can see in the picture how happy they both are about it and the connection that’s formed.

Sometimes you can employ one side of the sandwich, so to speak, to help you with the other.  That is, the symptom is also the cure.

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2 responses to “Sandwich Generation: the symptom is the cure”

  1. cathysikorski says :

    As I sit in this east coast blizzard working on my humor book about being ‘sandwiched’ between my 2 year old and 92 year old Nana who came to live with me……the beautiful photo of love between generations keeps me inspired! That’s cause we are all the ‘ham’ in the sandwich!

  2. Michael Tobin says :

    Great picture. I have a situation where the bottom half of the sandwich would prefer to have nothing to do with the top half, partly because they are “different.” Getting them on the phone together, or engaging together when in person is difficult to say the least. Obviously not the type of relationship I had looked for them to have.

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