Caregiving Success: It’s Not Entirely Luck

I consider myself pretty self-aware; given how much introspection it takes to keep myself on the rails, I better be.  Every once in a while, I allow myself to take some credit for my father’s improved situation and my kids turning into warm, emphathic, smart and kind people (credit shared with my brother and wife respectively, of course).  So many things are out of our control in both situations that when a chapter ends well, you take a small victory lap even if you know already that the book itself is going to be a tragedy.

Brief side note: I have a good friend down the street who convinced me to buy an outdoor gas grill that I could connect directly to the line in my house.  Best thing I’ve bought in ages.  His logic was simple: as a father of daughters, you control so little in life that you need something that you actually do control.

Anyway, I am also keenly aware that much success in life and caregiving stems from luck.

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6 responses to “Caregiving Success: It’s Not Entirely Luck”

  1. cathysikorski says :

    Luck, dedication, kindness, introspection, a good heart….these are the caregivers qualities….(not to mention frustration, self-flagellation, coffee addiction, and patience, patience, patience) Keep going, brother!

  2. longtermcarehub says :

    You deserve a pat on the back! Caregiving is not an easy task especially if you have other responsibilities and you have kids to take care of. Sometimes it just comes out naturally, the caregiver in you. Of course it also stems out from your love, care, patience and understanding. I hope your father’s health and condition will continue to improve. Keep up the good work!

    • peterbiro says :

      Thanks for the great feedback – so far, we are having a good week. He is even trying to improve his walking a little; yesterday he was showing off how straight he could stand. So the morale is good right now. As we all know, you have to savor it when it happens…

  3. imagesbytdashfield says :

    Great title for your blog…I can relate.

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