Irony Alert!

I organized a great support group for some fellow members of my Temple also taking care of elderly parents.  But… then I couldn’t attend because I actually was in the hospital with my father.

He has some severe hip pain, and the good news is that nothing is broken.  Probably a pulled muscle.  We were trying to figure out where he was going to end up tonight (the hospital, it turned out) and going forward (hopefully back in his same community, which part is TBD).

And in true sandwich generation fashion, my kids’ swim team annual postseason ‘banquet’ was also tonight.

So, now I am really glad I enjoyed the smooth days when I did.  And to my fellow support group members who were there tonight… I was thinking about you.  Ironic, right?

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One response to “Irony Alert!”

  1. Michael Tobin says :

    Inhale. Exhale. Hold hands and take a step forward together. We were thinking about you too, Peter.

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