Sandwich Generation Irony alert – Part 2

You know how most blog posts from caregivers are about their elderly parents?  Well, right now, the list of my family members from healthiest to sickest looks something like:

1.  My daughter Sophie

2.  My dad

3.  Me (distant 3rd – I don’t recommend going for a weekend of skiiing and drinking with your friends when you actually have the flu, nor do I recommend flying home from said weekend on a red-eye into a flu-filled house.  I’m just saying.)

4.  My daughter Lily, who I took to the doctor earlier today fearing pneumonia.  She doesn’t have pneumonia, but when your kid is too flu-ridden to sleep, you have to get it checked out.)

5.  Nova.  She is out cold for the 3rd day in a row.

My dad just commented over email that he wishes he could help.  He better not offer that again, because I’ll find something.  In the sandwich generation, it usually works the other way.  But sometimes….


Yes – It’s a Waiting Room Selfie with my daughter Lily

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