No Time for Selfies

A quick note on what “the real world” is.

It’s been noticed and commented on by many that everyone is taller, faster, funnier and cooler on social media than in real life.  As the number of channels grows (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest for starters), it must be getting harder to build a #personalbrand.  But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying.

And if you think this seems silly on an average day, you can imagine how I react to it on days when I am locked in sandwich generation or caregiver mode.  Food porn selfies, videos of the great concert, car lust commentary, political rants to the echo chamber, absurd Top 10 lists, or nearly anything from the Huffington Post – it seems like another world entirely.  For some reason, it makes me feel  even more isolated than I do already.  On the bad days (and yes, there are bad days), it’s almost insulting that people are taking time out to advertise themselves.

Do I know that this is irrational and ridiculous?  Yes.  But it’s how I feel sometimes, and if you can’t recognize and honor your own feelings on occasion, you will not last long emotionally in the caregiver game.  Or the Sandwich Generation one.

I think this is especially true as a man, where you are often expected to advertise, publicly, that you are above feelings.

Not sure that’s going to make a worthy tweet.  #ohwell

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