Bookmark This: A Big (Helpful) Medicare change

Bookmark This: A Big (Helpful) Medicare change

Short blurb on a change for Medicare reimbursing for services to maintain a patient’s level that would otherwise deteriorate.  So, if my father (for example) is receiving doctor-prescribed services to keep him ambulatory, those are now covered; before, you had to have to lost something you were trying to regain.  This is big and is going to save a ton of money in the long run since it’s going to keep people healthier, however you define that, longer, and therefore out of the hospital.  

If Medicare should have one overarching strategic initiative, it should be to keep the elderly out of hospitals no matter what.  Love it.

Plus, for the Sandwich Generation that is often the taxi of last resort, it’s going to give us additional months of time without the chauffeur’s hat.  I wear it well — but maybe this will help some of the rest of you.

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One response to “Bookmark This: A Big (Helpful) Medicare change”

  1. Michael Tobin says :

    I saw this site and app in a story in the Boston Globe today:

    Creates a shared site/app for use by you and your care team. Looks pretty good so far. Let’s see if I can get my sisters to use it also.

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