I’m Back and Still Sandwiched

How’s that for a long break?

I haven’t written a post in almost 5 months, so maybe some explanation is necessary before just jumping back in.  Really, 2 big things happened, and my guess is that these are the ones that usually confound previously dedicated bloggers.  First, the main source of angst that was driving my blog — which was trying to juggle helping out my father with everything else I was juggling — really petered out.  That is, my father is doing great and continues to do great.  His C Diff is gone.  He is settling well into his new place.  The crush of trying to sell his house, figure out where the doctors are and whether or not we could trust them, deciphering the Kafka-esque mystery that is Medicare – all of that is done.

Part of what caused this is that I helped start a support group and the feedback I got from members who had been at the caregiver game longer than I had was “Give yourself a break.”  Good advice unless you are trying to stay motivated to write a blog about how you can’t give yourself a break.

So, writing as self-therapy didn’t have the same pull.

The bigger issue, really, is that I started a job.  I haven’t had a “real” job in a long time where I manage people, commute to an office, have a real manager, and have direct deposit.  Direct deposit is sort of a shocking and wonderful concept actually.  Anyway, I became CFO of a software company called ObserveIT back in April and it was quite an adjustment.  More on that in other blog posts.  Put simply: full-time employment is the enemy of hobbies.

I finally feel more settled at work, as defined by being highly committed and busy, but no longer scrambling.  To clear out space for writing, I made a pact with one of my favorite scribes, my daughter Sophie.  She and I have carved out a dedicated time slot weekly where we both write.  In the realm of multitasking and great parenting, I also plan to use this time to indoctrinate her away from dance music into what I am going to call “writing music”.  This is code for music to which it is my solemn responsibility to introduce her.  Tonight we are listening to Dire Straits.  Someone has to do it.

Sophie writing

Which brings us back to the question of topic.  I have felt less angst-ridden about my father recently so I am pretty sure I can’t sustain a blog about that.  (Note: I hope I’m right!).

That said, I am still as sandwiched as ever.  Meaning, I have plenty that to explore related to work/career, raising children, marriage, being neither young nor old, and to being in a weird place called “middle age”.  Facebook recently has been just as much about friends who are fighting and beating cancer as it once was for baby or wedding pictures.

A friend mentioned to me that writing twice per week seemed an unsustainable pace.  Maybe — although I loved it while I was doing it.  So, I’ll start with my weekly time with Sophie and take it from there.  I’m glad to be back.


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2 responses to “I’m Back and Still Sandwiched”

  1. Michael Tobin says :

    Glad to have you back! Good to hear about your dad and new gig. We have some catching up to do!

  2. Lori says :

    Welcome back!

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