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View from the Bread: Guest Post from Sophie

The following guest post is from my daughter Sophie – here’s how having a sandwiched parent looks from the vantage point of an 11 year old.  What she doesn’t know (yet) is that she too is sandwiched between 2 phases and perched precariously between being a kid and adolesence.  This is why she is old and wise enough to write a coherent post, and young and naive enough to write it about liking her parents.  I am savoring it while I can.  So here goes…



Don’t worry, I didn’t hack into the blog. I had nothing to do during our writing time, so this was the best I could think of doing and my dad said I might as well. Thanks dad. Anyways, as much I like to go off and chit-chat about my life (I really do) I have to get down to business. So here it is: I like my parents. If I made a list of why it would be too long, so I’m just going to write about some of the key things.

1. They are good role models-

Though most parents try to set a good example for their kids, my parents don’t. They don’t have to try to (of at least I think they don’t). They just do their thing, but it always manages to get us inspired. From my mom working hard but always coming home and having a lot of energy to my dad being athletic, or even to the fact that they love to cook and stay healthy.

2. They do a good a job giving equal attention to everyone

Yes, they always give us the same amount of attention, but when we are with my Grandpa (or Apu, as I call him) sometimes my dad needs to pay attention to him, but right as that’s happening, my mom finds a cool game and we don’t even have a second to think about even getting jealous. It’s like they can read each other’s minds!!!

3. They are interested in the same things we are

Me and my dad could sit down and write for hours, or everyone could play cards, or we could all make a meal together, or we could all go to the gym or… (the list is endless). Though my parents have to work a lot, they always seem to find room for one of those things every single day (the list was cut short) no matter whether it takes hours or it’s just for ten minutes.

The last thing I have to say here (sorry, but my post has to end, I have a bedtime) is that below is a picture of me and my family. I’m the blonde one, that my sister is the one that looks like me, and if you can’t tell my mom and my dad apart… sorry. Bye… FOR NOW!