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View from the Bread (Part II)

View from the bread, (who would liked to be called pumpernickel bread because that’s her favorite type of bread) Sophie Biro!!!

Before we even start, I have a quiz for you guys. Yes, I care about everyone THAT much. Anyways, here it goes.

What part of the sandwich generation would you be best at?

Are you…

  1. Naive

  2. Responsible

  3. Loved

If you had a free day, you would…

  1. Play outside or watch TV

  2. I would NEVER have a free day!

  3. Every day is a free day!

Do you like me (if you hate me then too bad because there’s no answer for that)

  1. Such a great friend!

  2. A really cute, awesome girl!

  3. A darling.

Mostly A’s: You would be best at the freshly baked bread (the kid)

Mostly B’s: You would be the roast beef and lettuce (like my dad is)

Mostly C’s: You are the good but slightly stale bread (the eldest of them all)

Okay. Anyways, here’s my point:

Someone, though that’s not their age, might make a better older person even though they are the sandwiched man. The younger person might make a better sandwiched person. If you’re 123, you might make a better kid!!! See my point? If you don’t, then that means a person younger than you can figure out something you can’t. Thank you.

By the way, this is what my family looks like.

We are very complicated. If you want me to explain that, I’m going to have to get 3 comments that simply say: Sophie is awesome.


Yours truly (AKA SOPHIE!!)