The Today Show edition

Well, despite my best attempts to keep this blog obscure – poor tagging, inconsistent posting, few linkbacks and a general ignorance of other search engine optimization best practices, The Sandwiched Man was featured on The Today Show’s website as a feature on Sandwich Generation dads.  Traffic has spiked into triple digits and my inbox has “New Follower” notifications from WordPress that are not outnumbered by bills I’m watching or paying on my dad’s behalf.

So, a brief introduction for the new follower:

Why “The Sandwiched Man”?

Sandwich Generation is a term many people have heard, but most sandwich generation care providers are women.  They certainly are the predominant blogger set.  So not seeing something written specifically about my niche, I decided to write it instead.  I don’t know if men read blogs but I figured there must be some out there on the same journey as mine.  Also, the URL was available.

What is this blog about?

I am in my mid-40’s and trying to be an active parent while helping take care of an elderly parent while juggling a career I care about, a volunteer organization that means a lot to me, and am also blessed with a spouse who has her own dreams, aspirations and opinions.  She married me because she believed that I wanted to be her partner, and I still do.  This is a lot to juggle and is sometimes endlessly frustrating and rewarding at the same time.  It can drive a man to blog.  Or drink.  Or both.

This blog is about 2 main things.  First, being part of the Sandwich Generation as typically known, helping take care of a parent and kids.  And, second, being squeezed generally between career and home, volunteering and free time, youth and old age, confidence and terror.

How do you do it all?

As I mentioned in this post, I usually don’t feel like I am succeeding.  This is normal, I think.  Most times, like most Sandwich Generation members, I am acutely aware that I am pretty much making it up.  Today I had a very frustrating conversation with someone at AARP Health Plans; I called on behalf of my dad and it turns out that my permission to call on his behalf from last August’s Medicare fiasco (chronicled here), was *temporary*, not *permanent*.  C’mon.  Really?

I have, however, come up with some systems that I describe in this blog.  I am part of a bigger team, which I described in a post called You Need More Help.  I put together some technology systems that help me manage the situation (see Top 10 Tech Tips for the Sandwich Generation).  Also, I keep a stash of Jack’s Abby Smoke and Dagger lager in my dad’s refrigerator.

How often do you write?

I went through a lull where I stopped for a while, but that was bad for my psyche.  It turns out writing about something intense makes it easier to handle.  Now I post around once a week, give or take.

Any other blogs/resources you can recommend

I have been remiss on this one — but I’ll improve.  (There’s a good story about that involving my dad and brownies — I’ll have to share that).  I’ve been introduced by Carter Gladdis to the Dad Blogger’s group on Facebook, which is great.  Maybe next time…

Thanks for reading – feedback and topic suggestions welcome.

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2 responses to “The Today Show edition”

  1. Michael Tobin says :

    AARP healthcare plans? Give me a break! I recently helped move my mom from New York to Massachusetts into a continuing care retirement community She loves it! She asks me why she didn’t do it four years ago when I first suggested it. But did you know AARP healthcare in New York is a different company than AARP healthcare in Massachusetts? No information can be transferred from one to the other. We start with what is your name to enroll, spell every Rx she is on to an agent that doesn’t know meds. And takes about one and a half hours beyond that!

  2. Jamie McQueen says :

    Good stuff peter – very real. All the best.

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