The Senior Moment


So Sophie bounds downstairs one morning last week, ponytail bouncing, and carrying a pair of underwear.  She stops at the entrance to the kitchen and looks down at her hands as if in disbelief.  Then she scrunches her face, and says “These aren’t socks.  I meant to bring socks.”  She turns around and heads back upstairs.

And in my mind I think: senior moment.

It was gratifying to seeing it happen to someone so young.  Increasingly I find myself heading for the freezer and midway having to stop and remember what for.  My father suffers from this almost less than I do; he has eliminated most clutter from his brain space so while (like the rest of us, let’s be honest) he repeats stories, usually he doesn’t find himself mid-stride without quite recalling why.  And he remembers elements of his own childhood, and mine, with precision that’s almost startling.  A few weeks ago I mentioned a childhood trip to the Outer Banks and he replied, “That was either 1973 or 1977.”  He recounts details of his escape from Hungary almost 60 years ago like it just happened.

A while ago I wrote about feeling most times in this Sandwich Generation father experience that the glass half full.  It’s true.  The glass is half full any day when your 12 year-old daughter appears a little more forgetful than your 91 year-old father.   Even more so when you make it to freezer without stopping to wonder why.

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