The Broken Hip

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, my father fell and broke his hip back in October, and it was not an easy experience for him.  Or, by extension, for me.  Or, by extension as I am a Sandwich Generation father, for my family.

At times, it felt like too much was happening too quickly, too many thoughts entering my mind, and I couldn’t really keep up.  It was series of intense times followed by waiting where I still couldn’t quiet my mind enough to write.  Adrenaline and boredom.  Highs and lows.  Nervous energy alternated with a few drinks, occasionally more.  I lost the ability to when I woke at 3am — middle-aged man problems, what can I say? — to fall asleep again.  Morning after morning at 5:00am I would look at the clock and think about how I “only” had 90 minutes before I had to get up. I should have stopped looking at the clock — but I couldn’t.  Then one morning I stood in front of the shower, thinking about whether I should get ready for work or do a short workout, and changed my mind 3 times.

I’m going to write a series of posts about this experience.  Partially, maybe mostly, it is for me.  Despite what WordPress tells me about my audience size, I suspect it’s a trick to keep people writing.  I realize it’s actually quite a small circle of people, and that’s fine.  I do this because I need to.  I think one reason I had trouble sleeping, drank and ate more, and was particularly jittery, is that I fell out of the practice of writing.

This was my second time going through a hospitalization followed by rehab.  Because it was the second time, I had expectations and knew what to look for.  Maybe that threw me off more.  I remember how it worked out last time and was results-focused rather process-focused.  Or because the experience wasn’t new, I thought I would be able to absorb more psychological stimuli without being overwhelmed.  I was wrong.

I have a table of contents built in my head and plan to write once a week.  I have a narrative together and for me, this is the hard part without which I have trouble even starting.   It’s probably going to be a few months at least, so for the hardy few of you who actually follow this, settle in.  Also: I’ll publish posts not related to this story mid-week; I have a few of these saved up.  My father is back home from having his hip replaced and his heart “paced”, and my kids continue to turn into teenage girls, so there is no shortage of sandwich generation moments that are good stories.

See you next week.




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  1. Beth Clay Cukier says :

    See you next week

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