Archive | August 1, 2017

The Normal Day

Yesterday I juggled a thousand things at work, made dinner, stayed up very late working on something for a client, dealt with huge commute delays thanks to Mass Pike construction in Boston that somehow is affecting every road in the area, dealt with a subscription problem, ran one of my kids back from swim practice, and dodged about 6 telemarketer calls on my cellphone.

In other words, a normal day.  It was wonderful.

A long time ago I wrote a post called Invite the Cow In.  The short version is that if you think your house is too small, let the cow live there for a while.  When she leaves, your house will seem spacious again.  I suspect every faith has a version of this story.

In my house, the cow is definitely in right now.

Yesterday was the kind of day that in the past would have caused me to fall onto my pillow, exhausted.  Maybe it will again in the future.  But I must say, having a normal Monday was pretty spectacular.