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The Puppy

About a month ago, Ollie came into our lives.  He’s a mini golden doodle puppy and like other dogs his breed, he is a nonstop source of love.  I flew to Orlando to pick him up from Country Mini Doodle Farms, which is actually located in Summerfield, about 90 minutes north of the airport.  It is hard-core Trump country in the middle of which is a giant 55+ retirement community called The Villages.  One mobile home tract after another suddenly gives way to new construction multi-story buildings and every retail chain and casual dining restaurant you can imagine.  I stopped in at Longhorn Steakhouse at about 3:30 (2 Miller Lites for $4 all afternoon) and the place was jammed; I was the youngest person in there by about 10 years.

Back to Ollie though.

As I mentioned, Ollie is a great dog who just wants to love everyone.  He is also cute – come on, he’s a puppy, the little guy has no choice – and endlessly good natured.  He’ll scamper around a lot but tire quickly and just sit there quietly, sometimes falling asleep and occasionally snoring.  It’s the best.  His favorite game right now is chasing ice cubes around.

The other day I thought about how much I wished I’d had him when my father was alive.  For me: he would have been great to come home to on difficult days.  For my kids: he would have been a great distraction.  More than that, taking care of him now has opened their eyes, a little, to what it’s like to care for someone who is totally dependent on you.  For my nieces: they would have loved him when they were younger and visited us from California.

For my dad though, he would have been the highlight of our visits.  My parents had a chocolate lab when my younger brother was finishing high school and then when he went off to college.  My father loved that dog.  He would have loved this one.  He would have sat in my dad’s apartment and just kind of looked around.  We could have had him chase ice.  Ollie would have loved him too.  Of course he would – he loves everyone!  That’s what he does!  He would not have cared that my dad sometimes had questionable hygiene, or ate “weird” food, or dressed like someone for whom putting on clothes was an hour-long ordeal.  He would have looked at him with that loving face just the same.

It is challenging to get unconditional love at any age, maybe impossible, and especially so when you are old.

Ollie would have been great for all of us and for him.